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By. Syaiful Wahyu - 03 Jan 2023


Indonesia with its strategic geography position is blessing, has potential resources with large biodiversity. In marine resources there are so many species with high value market demand such as cephalopod, crustacean, shark, demersal, and pelagic fish.


PT Kelola Laut Nusantara (KLN) established in 2011 as International Fisheries Company, operate a streamlines supply chain the fishing including catching and own fish processing plant which located in Juwana, Pati, Central Java, Indonesia. PT KLN has a commitment to produce healthy seafood from sustainable fishing by running manufacture marine resources in order to get high quality seafood product handle with good manufacturing practice and food safety management.


To pursue our commitment, we build community empowerment and support the sustainability fisheries. The community coached how to handle the raw material and how to maintain the quality. The community have good skills to running by HACCP programs and good manufacturing practice.


We are certified in HACCP program listed below:

  1. Frozen Demersal Fish
  2. Frozen Pelagic Fish
  3. Frozen Shark Fish
  4. Frozen Otoshimi
  5. Frozen Cephalopod
  6. Fresh Demersal Fish
  7. Fresh Demersal Fillet


Our Vision:

Become a trusted seafood processing company


Our Mission:

  1. Manufacture high value and quality seafood product
  2. Build community empowerment
  3. Support sustainable marine resources


Our Value:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability


Our Tagline:

Healthy Seafood from Sustainable Fishing

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